Failing the pathology boards

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There are so many hours of stress, blurry-eyed studying, and cups of coffee that go into the board exams. If you know anyone who has gone through the experience before, you know that the last thing you would ever, ever want is to Fail. The. Boards.

So you may think.

What happens if you do?

What happens if, despite your best intentions and preparation, despite your hours at the microscope and endless sign-out duties, your results come back and they do not look good?

To be honest, not that much.

It is a pain in the tush to the fail the boards.. Though failing is super inconvenient, it is not going to destroy your career. If you want to work in Pathology, you will eventually have to pass, but you certainly don't have to pass the first time. Or the second time. Or even the third.

Sure, you will have to study again, travel to the testing center again, fork over the dough, and retake the exam, but YOU WILL BE FINE.

This author knows several people who have failed the exam. It's not that uncommon. Most people pass, but you could have a bad day, get a ton of questions in your weakest subject (Iā€™m looking at you, microbiology), or just have bad luck that day. Whatever happens, failure does not mean that your life is over. It just means you will need to try again and that is all.

Everyone we know who has failed the boards, including those who failed more than once, has a bright career now. Study hard, but try not to stress it. You'll be fine, even if you don't pass.

We at PathDojo will do our best to help you do your best.

Trying to learn from past failures? We especially like the Failing up philosophy.