As our name implies, PathDojo is a virtual training space for pathologists to build skills which will help them conquer obstacles and emerge victorious. We know that preparing for exams like the AP/CP Board exams is hard work and that much of the difficulty comes from the sheer mental focus and discipline it takes to memorize everything you need in order to pass.

The AP/CP Board exams are made up of a combined 15 hours of test questions, which is an awful lot of . . .

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If you got through high school, college, medical school, internship, and you are now a resident, fellow, or attending physician it is safe to assume you’ve developed your own study techniques that are effective for you.

That said, studying for exams such as the boards, especially when you have not taken a major test in a few years, can be a massive and even boring (but hopefully helpful) experience. It is nice to have fresh methods and change up your habits to keep your brain active and int . . .

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At PathDojo, we are all about proving an affordable, portable test preparation option for hard-working pathologists. Most of our users sign-up for PathDojo to help prepare for one specific test.

There are so many hours of stress, blurry-eyed studying, and cups of coffee that go into the board exams. If you know anyone who has gone through the experience before, you know that the last thing you would ever, ever want is to Fail. The. Boards.

So you may think.

What happens if you . . .

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At PathDojo, we focus mainly on preparation for major pathology tests such as the American Board of Pathology Anatomic and Clinical Pathology Exams. However, having taken and passed the Board exams, we also understand that knowing what to expect in the test environment can go a long way to making you feel at ease and ready to climb and conquer the Everest of pathology exams.

Below we have some great insider knowledge of the non-content parts of the testing experience:

The American Bo . . .

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